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7 things you should do in preparation for college

For most students, college is not just the next stage in their education but their first step into adult life. Most people live away from their parents for the first time when they go to college, and though this can be liberating and exciting it may also be overwhelming if one is not well prepared. Some of the things that each student should do to make sure they are prepared for life in campus include the following:


Get familiar with your campus and the surrounding areas – adapting to a new environment is exceedingly difficult especially if you do not know what to expect. Visiting the campus and its environs before the reporting date helps you familiarize yourself with the area to avoid incidences such as getting lost. For an extensive tour of the campus and its surroundings, most campuses offer campus tour dates for prospective students.


Open a bank account and get an ATM card – most students are trusted with a lot of money when they report to college. A bank account offers a safe way of storing this money while in college to avoid incidences of theft. Managing ones finances, which is crucial for college students, is also easier when you have a bank account because its easier to monitor and control your spending. Having a bank account also makes it easier for parents or guardians to send you any financial help from home.


Apply for financial aid – campus education can be very expensive if one has not applied for student loans or other forms of financial aid. Waiting until the last moment to apply for financial aid leaves one with little time to resolve any complications that might occur in the application process. This happens to most freshmen in college, which leaves them with massive financial responsibilities in their first year of college which adversely affects their studies.


Shop early for any school supplies – most students wait until it is about a week to reporting date to shop for any school supplies. This leaves a shortage of school supplies in most stores forcing many freshmen to report for their first day in college without the necessary supplies. Most of the times lack of the proper supplies forces students to have an unusually uncomfortable time in college and this can adversely affect their studies.


Reserve a room – there’s nothing worse than reporting for the first day in college only to realize you don’t have a room. Reserving a room early enough should be done by all freshmen since they are not as familiar with the territory as other student, who can easily look for off campus accommodation.

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