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Choosing the Best Online Tutor

After doing some initial research or checking testimonials from friends or colleagues, we may be tempted to just settle for an online tutor from any of the leading online tutoring companies. We know that online tutoring works, but what makes a good tutor? Online tutoring may be an important way for parents to improve the skills of their children, and for which they spend their hard-earned money. So, it is advisable for parents to identify the key attributes that they should look for in online tutors, in order to find the best online tutor who fits with the unique needs of the child.


Professionally Qualified

Online tutors who are professionally qualified are likely to be much more effective in teaching students from various backgrounds.  If you’re looking for the best online tutor, you need to make sure the tutor is professionally capable, and in a position to provide high-quality support for your child. A trained tutor can quickly and efficiently respond to the questions and topics a student may bring up during a learning session.


Pleasing Personality

While it is a good idea to check out the credentials, experiences, and even reviews of an online tutor prior choosing one, it is also important to learn something of the tutor’s personality. Many experienced tutors may have excellent credentials, but may lack some personality traits that will help them develop a good relationship with your child. A tutor with an attractive and outgoing demeanor can easily build a rapport with students, and help them in tackling their academic goals.


Good Listeners

The best online tutors are good listeners. A tutor who listens to his students knows their strengths and needs. It is extremely difficult to teach effectively without listening to the students. A tutor who knows the ideas, needs, and strong and weak points of students can provide them with the best learning experiences and inspire them to find the right solutions.


Supportive and motivating

Tutors who are caring and supportive of students make learning enjoyable and engaging. When your child is having difficulty, a caring tutor can provide support in an encouraging atmosphere. Students who face difficulty in learning always expect help from their tutors, and their motivating support can lead to results far better than the pupil or parents might initially imagine. A creative and mentoring tutor can share positive thoughts and attitudes, and raise the spirits of the students.


The online tutoring service from Growing Stars aids the learning process of your child, as we have engaged experienced tutors with interpersonal skills and pleasing personalities. As pioneers in online tutoring, Growing Stars offers a wide variety of tutoring services, including online math tutoring, science tutoring, and lessons in other subjects as well. Our services can help improve not only the grades, but also the self-confidence of your children.


Tutoring is one of the most important investments you can make for your child; we hope you will keep in touch with Growing Stars—the experts in one-on-one online tutoring.



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