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Getting the best out of online math tutoring

Many students world-wide hold the opinion that it is easy to master all subjects—except math. Math seems to be a challenging subject for all types of students. This near-universal truth underscores the demand for an alternative to make math easier for students, particularly at the grade school level. Today, one of the best ways to […]

Throughout their years in school, students engage in both structured and unstructured learning activities. Learning activities may take place without any concern by the students for long-term purposes of such work. Millions of things in this world can distract students from their primary focus on education.  It is very easy to become distracted during school […]

As parents, we all want the very best for our children. By providing our children with the tools they need today for a successful future, we are giving them a gift that they will carry with them forever. The single most important tool your child needs for a successful life is a good education. If […]

Learning how you learn is one of the most essential skills that a student can master. The issue with that is all students simply don’t learn the same way. So, when we talk about the 5 most effective learning strategies, they may not all work for a particular student, but at least one of these […]

Are you looking into getting a tutor for your son or daughter? If so, you might be weighing the pros and cons of going with an online tutor versus a more traditional on-ground tutoring based educator. Ten years ago, this wasn’t even a question as there was no way that an online tutor could compete […]

As a pioneer in live online tutoring, we at Growing Stars see educational discipline as a stepping stone to successful learning. Discipline is important, but if approached as a form of punishment, it can be troublesome for both parent and child. Some of the most effective ways to instill educational discipline in your child include […]

“Mom, I’m getting a C in math.” As a parent, your heart fills with dread when you hear those words. Perhaps mathematics wasn’t your best subject in school, so you decide to hire a tutor to help your child succeed. Whether you find a local tutor or choose online tutoring, it is important to stay […]

Your child’s education is the absolute most important aspect of their adolescence. Doing well in school not only paves the way for educational success, it will set them up for professional success as an adult. If your child is having a difficult time improving their grades, it may be time to step in and take […]

Determining whether or not you need extra study time is the first step in getting ahead. If you are having difficulty in some of your subjects, tutoring is an excellent option. Traditionally, tutoring may have been seen as extra teaching time for “failing” students, but that’s just not true. Tutoring is for anyone. People use […]

Tutoring provides one-on-one educational support, which benefits most students, even if they aren’t struggling. Some students, however, need the extra help to process the information they learn from their teachers. The majority of students won’t just come out and say “I need a tutor.” It’s your job as the parent to determine whether your child […]