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How to Get Supplemental Math Education at an Affordable Fee

Rates for personalized tutoring, in some areas, can be hair raising. Prices can be as high as $80 an hour, but a concerned parent may feel there is very little recourse; how important can money be with your child’s education on the line? It’s not necessary to choose between your finances and your child’s future. Here […]

Watching your child read is one of the great joys of parenthood. For many parents, seeing their children reading is a moment of considerable pride. A hugely important task for parents is listening to their offspring read, or helping them as they learn to read. Reading is one of the key foundations of academic achievement, […]

Your college application is all your dreams, hopes and desires wrapped up in a paper package. It tells admissions officers everything they need to know about you. Gimmicks, like application videos, won’t make you stand out, because admissions officers aren’t looking for the application with the best wrapping. They want to find the best applicants […]

These days, many parents seek to improve the math grades of their children. They use every arrow in their quivers to fight the problems their children face in math. Many children are passionate, creative, and energetic in other subjects and extra-curricular activities. However, math often remains the real challenge for these children, and the parents […]

After doing some initial research or checking testimonials from friends or colleagues, we may be tempted to just settle for an online tutor from any of the leading online tutoring companies. We know that online tutoring works, but what makes a good tutor? Online tutoring may be an important way for parents to improve the […]

Preparing your child to get into his/her dream college can seem like an overwhelming process. In order to prevent a last-minute scramble, it is best to start preparing three to four years before your child graduates. One of the biggest things that admissions officers look for is academic achievement. Strong grades and test scores will […]

Math is a difficult subject for many students. Parents who have left their school days far behind them may worry that they won’t be able to help their child with a subject they themselves do not remember very well. But some parents may balk at an online math tutoring service because they are certain that […]

If your child is falling behind in school, you may want to consider getting them additional support. Hiring an online live tutoring program will improve your child’s grades significantly and give them a better chance for educational success.   Choosing online live tutoring over regular tutoring has many benefits for your child. Children these days […]

Everyone knows how important it is to motivate children to enhance their potential. Some children may struggle with learning, particularly in the subject of mathematics. For success in challenging subjects such as math, children need strong support from parents and a positive learning environment. This may not be easy to achieve, due to the complexity […]

For most students, college is not just the next stage in their education but their first step into adult life. Most people live away from their parents for the first time when they go to college, and though this can be liberating and exciting it may also be overwhelming if one is not well prepared. […]