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Program Highlights:

Our Comprehensive AP Biology program includes all the topics covered in a course designed for college majors. It is designed to help the students develop an overall framework, an understanding of concepts, factual knowledge, and the analytical skills necessary to meet the challenges of an AP Biology course.

The areas covered under this course are

1. Molecules and Cells
  • Chemistry of Life
  • Cells
  • Cellular Energetics
2. Heredity and Evolution
  • Heredity
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Evolutionary Biology
3. Organisms and Populations
  • Diversity of Organisms
  • Structure and Function of Plants and Animals
  • Ecology

We help the students with tips and strategies to answer regular multiple-choice questions, matching questions, lab works and lab assignments, questions dealing with experiments for data, and essays. They will have exposure to 4 full-length tests as well as practice for multiple choice questions and free response questions.


  • Concepts
  • – 72 hours
  • Review (In the month of March)
  • – 12 hours
  • Review of 4 full-length tests/test taking tips and strategies
    (In the month of April)
  • – 12 hours


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This easy to Start Program includes:

  • Exposure to AP Tests
  • Practice for Multiple Choice and Free Response questions
  • Monthly parent conference with one of our Education Managers
  • Growing Stars Classroom software
  • No long term contracts

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