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Does Confidence Aid Academic Success, or Does Academic Success Build Confidence?

Most parents seek out a tutoring service when their kids are struggling to get good grades. Only a small portion makes these services a normal to their children’s K-12 education despite their level of academic success. Because of that, students who are enrolled in extra help often feel self-conscious. There’s no easy way to prevent this problem, though there is a way to encourage your child to feel more confident before better grades start to roll in so they don’t rely on grades for self-confidence. The efforts are doubly worth it. Students who feel better about their abilities naturally perform better in the classroom.


Taming Parents’ Fears

Preparing your child to get into his/her dream college does not require a drill sergeant. In fact, parents who make grades too strong of a focus often see their fears become reality. Not only do their children not perform as well as they’d like, they seem to have fewer opportunities and they do more poorly than expected in all areas of life. This isn’t an accident. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Parents need to be able to separate their fears that children who get poor grades live bad lives. Bad grades can make it more difficult for someone to succeed when it comes to receiving an affordable, high-quality education, but this can be remedied through concentrated college admissions counseling and guidance. Scholarships are based on many things, not just grade point, as is enrollment.


Some parents are fearful that bad grades are a sign of laziness, or worse, apathy. Some students truly do not care about college or the future. They’re focused instead on their interests in the moment. Bullying a child, threatening a child, and punishing a boy or girl who isn’t already inspired by school is not going to change things for the better. A skilled tutor can show parents how to tie education in with a child’s natural interests and make them more engaged in the experience.


The Power of Constructive Criticism

Children who are convinced they can’t put forth a good enough effort, feel they aren’t smart enough, aren’t serious enough, or aren’t good students have a much harder time putting in-person or online tutoring to work. Students who realize they are already good at using important skills in their lives can easily transfer that feeling of competence to their school lessons. Once parents have their own fears under control, it is much easier to deliver concerns in a way that encourage that.


Constructive criticism is your most important tool in building confidence in your kids so that they can develop it in the classroom. It starts by identifying a way a child is using academic skills in their lives already, highlighting how this isn’t happening in the school environment and showing a positive result of that changing. Parents should strive to begin and end these conversations on a good note to remind their kids – and themselves – that bad grades are a temporary problem that can be fixed through creative, supportive tutoring services.

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