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5 Great Summer Math Topics for Improving Grades

During the summer, students take a long break from school. That long break results in learning loss. Some students forget more than two months worth of skills, leaving them behind for the next year. Online tutoring during the summer months is one way to help combat that learning loss, particularly in math. Reading and spelling skills are also at risk, but math learning is often the most important issue since kids rarely have an opportunity to use these skills and concepts at home. Getting kids to focus on academic subjects can be tough during the summer, so an online math tutor has to work harder to get results.

Make Learning Math Fun with a Gamification Approach

Turning math tutoring online into a fun game can help kids get past the resistance of going to school during their vacation. Many kids don’t want to spend their time in an academic setting when their friends and social circle are out enjoying the warm weather. By teaching math concepts using games, an online tutor can work at improving math grades with less of a fight from students.

Get Parents On Board

As an online math tutor, an important resource is always parental involvement. If you can get them to start incorporating skills reinforcement into daily life, you can avoid wasting valuable instructional time on review. For example, if you are working on an introduction to fractions, parents can start asking kids to serve food in different portions, talk about scaling items or discuss other practical applications of fractions. Sports statistics are another great way to build interest in math. The more reinforcement kids get, the less likely they are to forget concepts between tutoring sessions.

Include Experimental Learning

If you are working on a concept for improving grades during a session, offer parents a way to apply that knowledge in daily life. For example, have kids calculate change for a sale at the store, figure out sales tax or tackle navigation and trip planning using an actual map. By getting kids to put dusty, dry, academic concepts to work, kids will understand the value in improving math grades.

The best way to avoid summer learning loss is with the regular reintroduction of the concepts covered during the year. Online tutoring can help fight off forgetfulness, but it works best when combined with parental involvement.

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