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4 Signs Your Child Needs an Online Math Tutor

School can be challenging for all types of students. However, one of the best ways to provide support for students who are struggling — particularly in math classes — is tutoring. An online math tutor can help students zero in on their particular academic challenges and learn skills to better perform on homework assignments and tests. If your student is struggling in math, but you aren’t sure whether or not he is ready for a tutor, check out the list below. These signs are clear indicators that your child will benefit from an online math tutor.

Slipping Grades

One of the most straightforward signs your child needs a tutor in math is if his grades begin to slip. Grades are a pretty good indicator of whether or not a child is understanding the concepts he is being taught. One bad grade in math may be a sign that your child didn’t study hard enough or failed to pay attention — but multiple low grades is a pretty clear sign that he needs some extra support via tutoring.

Lost Enthusiasm

Not everyone loves math, but when a child who once got excited about learning new mathematical concepts no longer shows any enthusiasm about the subject, it may be time to bring in an online math tutor. Sometimes students lose enthusiasm because the subject is hard for them and it makes them feel bad about themselves. Others lose enthusiasm because they are bored. Online math tutors can help students who are struggling do better, and they can help better challenge kids who find the subject too easy.

Real-World Number Struggles

Difficulty with math doesn’t only rear its head in the realm of school. Children who struggle with math also show signs of their difficulties in many real-world scenarios, such as trouble calculating tip on a bill or difficulty estimating the cost of items in a store. If you notice your child having difficulties with numerical concepts, you may want to start him with online tutoring.

Decreased Availability of Parents

Often, parents are built-in tutors that provide homework help for their kids. However, if a parent’s job situation is changing or they will be more occupied than they have previously, it may be the right time to start with math tutoring online. An online tutor can step in and provide the support that parents did — ensuring that math grades don’t slip.

If your child is showing signs that he is struggling in math, get in touch with Growing Stars. We can help students with math challenges improve their grades and boost their self-confidence.
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