Increase Learning With Your Child’s Favorite Gadgets

The use of social media is on the rise, and approximately 90 percent of teenagers are active on one or more networking sites. Many conversations take place through instant message, and kids are far more likely to chat electronically than they are to pick up the phone. Face-to-face conversation may be their least favorite method of communication. Most students have access to some form of internet access, whether through laptops or mobile technology, making web-based communication an obvious choice for the next generation of learners.

Reduce the Pressure to Be Right
The best way to encourage learning is to meet students in their comfort zone, and online tutoring is an ideal solution. Expert educators connect with learners through a web-based application, helping them through complicated concepts in a focused, yet pressure-free electronic format. Unlike standard tutoring and classroom environments, students can relax behind the semi-anonymous screen, making them far more likely to overcome shyness and fear of embarrassment to ask their online tutor questions crucial for learning.

Maximize Today’s Technology
Online tutoring seems counterintuitive, and many parents worry that their students need visual models of math problems to grasp mathematical theory. Today’s technology is built to address this concern, giving the online math tutor access to virtual scratch pads and whiteboards they can use to partner with students to work through long calculations. New developments in voice over internet technology make conversations smooth and seamless, so students and tutors can talk through questions and concerns in the virtual environment.

Schedule-Friendly Online Tutoring Sessions
Students are under a lot of pressure to keep their grades up, and online tutoring services are easy to fit into busy schedules. Instead of delivering your child to the tutoring center or making sure you are home in time to greet a visitor, your student can participate in a web-based tutoring experience on an as-needed basis, whether before school, before bed or before a big exam.

Though many parents assume online tutoring is limited to reading and literacy, new technology makes it possible for students to enjoy online tutoring with the gadgets and communication methods that make them most comfortable.
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5 Benefits of Having an Online Math Tutor

Modern technology makes online tutoring highly effective. It does not replace traditional learning in the classroom, but aids students in supplemental education. As math is a subject that many students struggle with, they can greatly benefit from receiving math tutoring online. Here are some good reasons to have an online math tutor.

1. Convenience and Comfort
Math is a little less daunting subject when students are able to learn it within the comfort of their own familiar surroundings. With a live math tutor, students are able to ask questions which they may find hard to ask at school. This promotes confidence in mastering even the toughest of academic subjects.

2. Affordability and Flexibility

Online math tutoring is less costly than hiring a math teacher at home every day for classes. In addition, the online math tutor can also adapt to the family’s daily schedule. This means parents can ensure that students are online at their own computer with no distractions, such as listening to music.

3. Personalized Math Curriculum
Not all children learn or develop at an equal level. Thus, the math tutorial programs are designed to be tailor-made to a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on initial tests, sessions are adapted to target the specific needs of the child. Even students with ADHD or learning difficulties experience greater academic growth in an online learning environment.

4. Engaging Technology
Many children are already familiar with a smartphone or a tablet. They can play games or solve problems on these electronic devices with ease. Having an online math tutor combines the excitement of a virtual world with the reality of day-to-day calculations. With proper practice and coaching of the online math tutor, students can easily develop the math skills needed for their future career, as well as for everyday life.

5. Math Made Fun
With a program that captures students’ attention, they will come to see solving math problems as an enjoyable activity. Without the normal classroom pressures or anxiety, they are able to develop important thinking skills with ease.

Having the extra help from an online math tutor has many benefits. is a leading pioneer of innovative online learning. Avail of the one-on-one math tutorials for K-12 students, designed to accelerate a child’s learning.

Improving Math Grades With an Online Tutor

Elementary school-age children can get a lot out of online tutoring in math. In fact, a patient adult trained to explain difficult concepts is often just what they need. An online tutor can help your child learn how to best approach their math homework, as well as help them tackle core problems and concepts.

The Best Way to Do Math Is Quietly and Patiently
One of the first things a math tutor can help your child do is create an appropriate environment to complete math problems. The environment should be quiet and free of startling noises. It is not a good idea to have a radio, television set, computer or cell phone close by when doing math. If the home is noisy, you should maybe even consider buying your child some headphones. A math tutor will be able to assess the environment in which your child is working and help you remove any distractions.

An online tutor can also encourage your child to do problems carefully and slowly. When a tutor catches them rushing and making mistakes, they can help them slow down.

Write Out Formulas and Do Work Line by Line
Many children make mistakes in math because they write numbers too small and place them too close together. As a result, they do not perform operations such as addition and subtraction correctly. Instead, they misstate sums and final results. A math tutor will catch any issues that develop as a child writes, then show them how to use more space in order to avoid making mistakes.

A math tutor can also encourage your child to solve a problem line by line. Some children make mistakes because their writing is all over the page, making it hard to keep track of each of their steps. A math tutor will make sure your child moves from top to bottom so that they can see each step in the problem that they are solving.

Help Students Get Homework Done Early
A math tutor can also be an excellent way to get your child do their work right after school. This should be encouraged as much as possible, since this is when they will remember what they learned that day most clearly. They also won’t be that tired yet. If they wait to do their math homework closer to bedtime, then they’ll be more tired and much more likely to make mistakes. Even adults make simple addition and subtraction errors when it gets close to their bedtime.

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Personalized Online Tutoring Helps Mastering Complicated Subjects

The learning environment of today’s students is changing rapidly, due to the impact of technological advancements. However, the way the education system will adapt to these changes remains to be seen.

Tremendous technological progress has paved the way for the availability of an extensive range of educational resources. These innovations have highlighted the advantages of online tutoring , as technology has provided everyone access to information and education, regardless of location. Technology is now becoming a democratizing force in areas once reserved for the wealthy; as a result, services such as online learning and one-on-one tutoring are becoming more and more affordable.

Even good students are often not equally capable or engaged in each of their academic subjects. Online tutoring in an outsourced environment can provide useful and sometimes needed assistance in subjects in which students may be struggling.

The conventional classroom learning model may not address the unique needs of each student, due to the practical difficulties of managing 30-plus students at a time. A bright student may be able to grasp concepts without receiving personalized attention; but even the best students may find it hard to be focused on all academic topics. Under these circumstances, online tutoring can provide the accessibility, affordability, and flexibility necessary for all students to achieve their full academic potentials.

Companies such as Growing Stars, Inc., offer high-quality online tutoring solutions at an affordable price for students in the United States and rest of the world. Technology has produced a generation of young people accustomed to having a wide variety of choices in their lives. An online tutoring company can offer students personalized learning best suited to their individual needs.

Online Tutoring Offers One-on-One Learning Experience
Young people today are accustomed to finding out information on-line. Students who need personalized learning experiences may contact one of the top rated online tutoring companies and request a demo session. This process will help students to identify the right tutor for their specific learning and academic needs. Growing Stars assigns an Education Manager who handles the online tutoring program for each student in accordance with that student’s unique requirements.

Online tutoring opens door for personalized learning for those students who want to excel in studies and assignments. It offers the tools for unlimited learning, and the (scholarly) sky is the limit. With online tutoring, students can take control of their own academic destinies.

Learning Becomes Enjoyable When Students Have the Choice of Selecting the Right Online Tutor!

Going to school is just a passive action for many students at the elementary level. They often get out of bed dreading the upcoming day in the classroom.

They go to school as part of their daily routines, and often find it hard to take part actively in the learning process. This situation may continue until the time their parents or teachers notice their lack of academic progress. Under certain circumstances, the efforts of teachers and parents may go in vain if corrective measures are not taken in time.

For some students, learning is all about being stuffed into uncomfortable chairs, teased by bored classmates, lectured to by unsympathetic teachers, and irked by difficult tests and assignments.
Parents and teachers wish to have students gain knowledge and expand their horizons, through regular classes, homework, and other academic activities. Today, there are many distractions that can compete for the attention of impressionable students, making it hard for them to concentrate on learning.

A learning environment that is at once stressful and boring is unlikely to motivate students, and equally unlikely to impart useful skills and information.Many students clearly express that they are not interested in what is being taught in the classroom. The lack of a proper presentation can also contribute to a failure of learning. Simply feeding students information is not the same as teaching them, and may actually interfere with real learning processes.

Learning should be fun!

Learning should and can be enjoyable. If teaching is enjoyable, then learning will also be enjoyable., one of the leading online tutoring companies in the United States, has introduced effective online learning solutions for students across the globe. With the advent of online tutoring, students have the option of choosing the right online tutor who match their unique needs. Over the years, virtual classrooms have begun to increasingly replicate physical ones, allowing student and online tutor to talk, share files, draw diagrams, and swap messages. This evolving process has been shown to make learning easier and more enjoyable. The credentials and backgrounds of online tutor are easily researched by parents and students, who can determine if the online tutor has the requisite knowledge and expertise. Online tutoring often allows sessions to be customized in support of the particular needs and convenience of the students.

5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Child Master Standardized Test Anxiety

5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Child Master Standardized Test Anxiety

5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Child Master Standardized Test Anxiety

Whether it’s the SAT or a grade school state assessment test, standardized tests can do a lot to determine your child’s academic future. This makes parents understandably edgy, and even young children can pick up on that anxiety. Here are five tips that will help you keep your child calm and confident for the big test day.

Explain What Will Happen

In age appropriate terms, let your child know that they will be taking a test. Explain why they are taking it, and what will happen with the results. Even young children can take testing seriously when it explained to them as an important activity.  Reassure them that the great thing about standardized test is that you know exactly what they will be tested on, and you can help them prepare so they are 100% ready to ace it.

Diagnose Strengths and Weaknesses

Most tests do reflect skills children should have already learned in school. But don’t assume that they know everything. Your child needs to go over each skill that will be tested separately, and shore up any weak points. They’ll also have strengths to build on; finding question types or content areas that are already easy is a great way to build confidence. A good tutor is an extremely helpful resource at this point – tutors can quickly pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses and start in on skill building right away.

Build Skills

Once you know the areas your child needs to work on, zone in and have her work on those. This can be a stressful time for students and parents, as the work can be frustrating. A great tutor has experience with lots of different learning styles and materials and can smooth the process along for your child. They can also provide practice material that is targeted to address your child’s specific needs.

Practice in Test Like Conditions

The company or state body that gives the test usually has at least some preparation materials available for free, or a tutor can provide and proctor a practice test. Just like on the big day, make sure your child is physically comfortable for this practice – ideally your child should eat a light meal, be well rested and dressed in comfortable clothes.

Use Anxiety to Fuel Achievement

Studies have shown that test takers can use anxiety to help them stay focused and energized. Share that idea with your child before their test date. Talk about what they might do in stressful situations – what if she forgets a formula? What if she gets tired? What if she has to go to the bathroom? Talk through those solutions so your child feels confident that they are ready for anything. A tutor can also help guide these conversations and share wisdom from past experiences with testing.
With these tips, your child will feel relaxed and energized going into their standardized test. They’ll have a significant advantage over students who are unprepared and distracted by anxiety and it will show in their scores. If your child is young, all the more reason to make sure they get the right training early – they’ll only see more tests as they go through school system, culminating in the SAT or ACT which is so important in college applications  Make sure they are comfortable with testing from early on, and they’ll reap the benefits throughout their education.
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Personalized Academic Help

Personalized Academic Help

There are so many academic skills needed to keep consistently high grades that it can be difficult to assess just which skills a student needs to work on to improve. To help a student to tackle exactly what he or she needs to work on requires one-on-one attention from a tutor.

The trend these days is to put children into a group of children who are all tutored by one person. This makes it difficult to give each student the attention needed to discover which skills need improvement. Often, this group contains mixed age groups, further complicating the tutoring process.

Online tutoring, however, is conducted between just one tutor and one student. Each session allows the tutor to zero in on exactly what needs to be improved and how that student is adjusting his or her performance to the guidance given. This helps students to progress far faster than if they had only a fraction of their tutor’s time. Faster progress means higher grades, less frustration and the higher self-esteem that comes from getting better grades and seeing skills improve.

Often, a student in need of tutoring is behind his or her grade level on one of more subjects. When this is the case, the student must catch up as soon as possible in order to tackle the next lessons that are coming. Students who stay behind for any length of time often experience a difficult time getting caught up while they stay on top of their current work at the same time. This makes getting up to grade level quickly an important part of the tutoring process. The faster a student can get skills up to grade level, the better that student can stay on top of the current workload and keep from slipping again.

Academic help that is geared toward exactly what the individual student needs to work on takes the frustration out of education. It also teaches students to think about what they need help with instead of ignoring what they don’t understand. Students learn to think about what to ask their tutors to show them instead of simply going over the parts that they already understand.

Personalized academic tutoring can help students earn better grades and develop a new grasp on the material that will keep them successful throughout their K-12 education. And with success, they can expect a wider selection of colleges to choose from when the time comes.



Does My Child Need A Tutor

Does My Child Need A Tutor

Tutoring provides one-on-one educational support, which benefits most students, even if they aren’t struggling. Some students, however, need the extra help to process the information they learn from their teachers. The majority of students won’t just come out and say “I need a tutor.” It’s your job as the parent to determine whether your child needs the support of a tutor. A parent can discover their child’s need by observing their child, questioning the teacher and monitoring communication from the school. The warning signs of a child needing a tutor are hidden, but straight-forward.


Poor Grades

Poor test scores, midterm reports and marking period grades can be obvious indicators your child needs a tutor. Low scores show that the student isn’t testing well, avoiding the work, or just not understanding the material. A qualified tutor can help determine testing issues, force dedicated study time and help the student learn the material.


Acting Out

A student acting out in school can mean he or she is confused or bored with the material. Both bored and confused students benefit from time spent with a tutor as the tutor can identify and remedy the source of the issue. Your child may already know the material and have advanced beyond the current grade level or missed a few key classes and doesn’t understand the current section of the curriculum.


Upcoming Major Test

If your child is going to take college entry exams, like the SAT or ACT, then your child should receive tutoring on how to take those tests successfully. Start the tutoring in the student’s freshman or sophomore year, so your young adult can take the test multiple times.


Word Warnings

Look for hints that your child feels confused, bored, and uninterested in their word choices. They may actually say “math class is boring” or “I didn’t learn anything today.” This a signal that your child needs extra motivation or assistance. If your child avoid talking about school, it may be a sign of needing a tutor. Children want to succeed and share their successes. What they don’t say is just as powerful as what they do.


Just Ask

Ask your child why she or he is getting poor grades and/or acting out. He or she may be having problems with the teacher or the teacher’s teaching style. Your child may be following the lead of another child in the class. It’s the simplest way to determine whether your child needs a tutor or if something more complicated keeps your child from succeeding at school.

When in doubt, get a tutor for your child. Your child can always benefit from the extra support and educational assistance. Tutors can help answer questions about homework and keep the student motivated. What triggered you to wonder whether your child needed a tutor?

Online Tutoring – Giving Students the Knowledge They Need

Online Tutoring – Giving Students the Knowledge They Need

Live 1-on-1 online tutoring helps students excel in subject areas that they may be having difficulty in. An online tutoring program from is an excellent way to hone your skills in any subject. It’s growing in popularity because online tutoring combines the one on one teacher-student interactions that effectively boost understanding with the convenience of online education methods. With, you can select from prescheduled tutoring sessions or opt for having a tutor on standby at any time for help with your homework. Whether after normal school hours or over the weekend, you can get help whenever you need it. uses a variety of things to ensure that their online tutoring programs are unmatched anywhere. All students will work one on one with the same teacher for each session, and the teachers used by are certified and most of them hold Master’s Degrees. Students complete an initial assessment test to determine what areas need the most attention, and are then paired with an Education Manager. The manager will monitor progress carefully to ensure that education is always effective and successful.

If your child is struggling with their schoolwork, letting them work with a tutor through an online tutoring program can be your best bet. There’s no need to travel to a tutoring location or have anyone visit your home. Students can learn from their rooms while sitting behind their computers. Give a try, and you’ll likely be more than surprised with the incredible results.


Getting Admission to Colleges is Easy Now!

Getting Admission to Colleges is Easy Now!

Is your child planning to take SAT this December?

SAT is a very challenging test for any teenager, no doubt. But you can help him face the test with confidence and come out with flying colors.


Growing Stars is coming out with a Comprehensive SAT test prep course this August. The 80 hours course is laid out in such a way that by the end of the 4-month program, students master the true challenge and environment of the SAT experience.


Our Test Prep Course provides intensive, in-depth coaching on all concepts and approaches to SAT questions. It includes a Scorecard, and gives feedback after every test to assess and identify areas that need to be addressed.


We begin with an initial Diagnostic Test. Then, we move on to 6 complete full-length supervised Practice Tests (more for high achievers), and 6 independent full-length Practice Exams given as Home Assignments during the duration of the program. We use questions from the official SAT Guide from the College Board, the test maker, as well as complementary questions from other testing experts.


Students will practice writing both outlines and several complete essays. Students will learn from and be quizzed on words from the SAT vocabulary list. Again, we use official SAT essay questions, and students’ essays and outlines will receive scores and individual feedback.


We are also offering a SAT Crash Course for students who have strong basics and need exposure to practice tests only. This 24 hours program is equally split between Math, and Critical Reading and Writing.


Please find more information about the program on our Comprehensive SAT test prep course page. So grab this opportunity and enroll in Growing Stars SAT test prep program.


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