Practice Creates Great Learners

While some of us are born geniuses, most of us need to practice to achieve something great in the academic arena. Becoming an Olympian, getting admission to a prestigious college, and all other remarkable achievements require a combination of talent and effort.

No one who has pursued excellence ever took the easy way. Instead, these high achievers insisted on practicing in the areas where they became masters. These lessons apply equally well to the pursuit of learning, whether in the lower grades or advanced university courses. However it may not be easy to instill this attitude in all students. Ideally, students should have an enthusiasm to learn and parents should provide positive influences to build confidence and enthusiasm in their offspring.

Practice improves performance

Practice is intended to improve performance. The proverb “Practice makes perfect” is no less true for being very old and very well known .Call it what you want—training, practice, rehearsing, exercise, preparation, workout—it doesn’t matter, as long as you make it a part of your child’s learning routine. You will see tremendous growth in your child’s academic life. Support from a dedicated online tutor will also be helpful for students to practicing in complicated subjects.

Plan your timetable

There must be a timetable for children to study subjects effectively .Students, along with their parents, should decide school goals together, thereby engaging the children’s interest in learning. Systematic learning not only saves time but also improves the ability of the child to understand challenging material. It is advisable that parents should help their children in the planning the timetable. If child needs extra support for any of the subjects, it is a good idea to add online tutoring into the schedule.

Make it routine

Routine generates consistency. A learning based on routines helps children to stay focused and improves their academic skills. Activities done on a regular basis will show their importance to the child by the resulting academic improvements. A routine-based online tutoring program may also contribute significantly to the skills of the learner. Practice yields the best results when there is someone who can provide quick feedback; with the help of an online tutor parents can make sure that there is someone to take care of the student on regular basis.

If you notice that your child is behind in a particular subject, try to address the issue before it becomes a serious problem. Consulting your child’s teacher is the best place to start. You may then wish to address the issues with a reputable online tutoring solution. Practice alone doesn’t work for everyone. There are occasions when learning becomes complicated, enthusiasm slips, and progress seems to slow down. In such situations, children need a helping hand and the support of a highly qualified online tutor from an online tutoring expert, such as Growing Stars, Inc. With the help of Growing Stars, your children can become the stars of tomorrow.

End-of-Year Exam Tips

As the school year rolls to a close, exams loom ahead for many students. Anxiety about test taking and remembering material from the entire semester can negatively impact a student’s performance. As an online math tutor, your job is to help students get past the hurdle of test anxiety and help with improving math grades. Having a solid study strategy for the exams can help with confidence levels. To get your students ready, here are a few tips and tricks that can help with improving grades.

1. Start Studying Early

The worst thing to do is to wait for exam review until the last week of the semester. Of course, you’ll be reviewing concepts during every online tutoring session, but as exams creep closer, you’ll want to start setting aside some time devoted specifically to the upcoming tests. Try to start incorporating exam review about two weeks before tests start. This gives you time to cover a couple of older concepts during each session, as you also review new material.

2. Review the Local Curriculum

Every state and local school system has a different approach to final exams. The more you know about your students’ curricula, the more help you can be during the testing period. Get copies of any exam review paperwork and take a look at the syllabus for each math class.

3. Review Tests and Quizzes for Final Exam Preparation

Going back to the tests and quizzes used throughout the semester can be a great way to help build a student’s confidence. As an online math tutor, you may only have an hour to work with during a session. To get the most out of that time, you need to know what your student’s teachers focus on during class. Reviewing test materials is one way to get the jump on exam prep.

4. Create Flashcards for Tough Concepts
Challenging concepts might need more review than you can offer during a tutoring session. As an online tutor, don’t get caught up in the idea that all learning must take place on the computer. By offering printable resources like flashcards, you offer students a way to keep working on their math skills, even after the session is over. By breaking down complex concepts into several smaller chunks, you let student’s digest the information at a rate they can sustain.

Exams are stressful and often leave students feeling out of their depth. During math tutoring online, your job is to help build their confidence and make sure they understand the material. If you build in the right amount of review time, you can help students reach the grade they want.

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Student Too Shy to Ask Questions? Online Tutoring Is the Answer

Is your child too shy to ask questions in math class? Is he falling behind because he isn’t getting the personalized help he needs? Online tutoring provides a platform to improve understanding key math concepts, raise grades and increase confidence all at the same time. Find out how an online math tutor can increase your child’s success.

Improving Student Confidence

Learning key math concepts isn’t easy for everyone, especially for shy children. Learning requires practice, and shy students may miss out on opportunities if they don’t ask questions. Online tutoring gives your student the practice time he needs to build confidence in the classroom and in life. Practice isn’t just good for academic skills and increasing knowledge; it takes practice to build the social skills necessary to be confident. If your child isn’t asking questions during class, it could be the result of

Thinking he is the only one with that question
Not being sure how to phrase his question
Having multiple questions and not sure which one to ask
Being afraid other students will make fun of him for asking questions

With an online math tutor, your child is empowered to ask questions, learns how to word questions to get the answers he needs, and has a chance to ask additional clarifying questions until he fully understands math concepts.

Providing One-on-One Tutoring

Math tutoring online provides your child with a one-on-one experience designed to meet his individual needs. With no interruptions from other students, your child can focus on learning without getting derailed by distractions or anxiety over ridicule. Online tutoring brings a qualified tutor to your home regardless of location without transportation cost. Tutoring delivered online is also flexible around your child’s schedule, so he can receive the help he needs at the times that are right for him. And unlike face-to-face tutors, your child receives a record of the tutoring session he can review at any time.

Increasing Grades

Building confidence and increasing grades go hand in hand. Online math tutors can personalize instruction to focus on problem areas and build vocabulary to ask necessary questions. As your student becomes more familiar with math concepts and processes, he’ll gain the confidence he needs to complete assignments, perform better on tests and raise his grades.

Personalized tutoring from Growing Stars plus online delivery equals improved math grades for your child. Help him gain the confidence and skills he needs with an online math tutoring session.

5 Tutoring Reinforcement Tips for Parents

If your child is struggling at school, chances are good you’ve found him an online tutor. Online tutoring services provide extra academic support to help with improving math grades, science grades, and other skills like reading and standardized testing. While tutors are a great resource for providing the help students need, parents can also do their part to help make sure they’re reinforcing the work of the tutors. If you are the parent of a child with an online tutor, check out these five helpful tips for support.

1. Communicate with the online tutor

While your child is working with his online tutor, make sure you check in with the tutor regularly. Tutors can give you tips about how your child is performing, and they can also let you know what you can do to help (or monitor) between sessions.

2. Enforce routines

Children benefit from routines. To get the most out of their tutoring, they should stick to undertaking tutoring sessions or doing their homework at the same time and place daily. Routines provide structure and let kids know what is expected of them.

3. Provide positive reinforcement
When you see children’s grades improving, in particular for math tests, spelling tests and reading tests, compliment your child — and make sure he knows you’ve noticed. This feedback will give your child positive feelings about his experience with an online tutor, English tutor, etc. and make him more excited about tutoring sessions.

4. Communicate with your child’s teacher

Talk to your child’s teacher regularly, and see if the tutoring is benefiting him in class. By keeping up with your child’s progress via his teacher, you can help ensure the online tutor is tackling the right subjects with him.

5. Offer extra study sessions

Set aside some time each week to go over your child’s assignments with him — even the ones he’s covered in tutoring. These sessions can help give him some extra practice, and it can be a good opportunity for you to verify that the tutoring is actually helping. If not, consider speaking with the tutor to see if it’s possible to take a different approach.

Get in touch with Growing Stars if your child is looking for an online tutor. We offer a range of tutoring services, including math tutoring online, which can help with improving grades and your child’s overall performance in school — and perhaps more importantly, his self-confidence.

Getting the Best out of Online Math Tutoring

Many students world-wide hold the opinion that it is easy to master all subjects—except math. Math seems to be a challenging subject for all types of students. This near-universal truth underscores the demand for an alternative to make math easier for students, particularly at the grade school level. Today, one of the best ways to provide support for students who are particularly struggling in math classes—is online math tutoring.

Finding the right math tutor

There are many freelance math tutors offering services to students on either a temporary or long-term basis. However, services of a math tutor from a reputable tutoring company will help you provide unparalleled online assistance in math to your offspring. Freelancers can terminate the service at any time, and are unlikely to have a library of relevant math text books. In contrast, a well-respected online tutoring company is concerned about your children; employs experienced math tutors; provides a sophisticated online learning platform and tools, as well as a customer support team and integrated learning solutions to meet the unique needs of your child. An online math tutor can help students overcome complicated math problems, identify their particular academic challenges, and teach skills for better performance on homework assignments and tests.

Planning the online math tutoring session

Subjects such as math seem challenging for students; sometimes they need extra assistance to be able to understand complex areas of this topic. Students may reach a point where they encounter difficulty in understanding the formulas and equations of more advanced math classes; this is when they may seek the services of an online tutoring company. Simply signing up for online tutoring may not be a good idea. Such a program must be planned properly, with an emphasis on essential learning tools and a convenient learning environment. It is very useful to take time to make sure that a student has devoted the proper amount of time for online tutoring sessions, in a supportive learning situation. Once students have scheduled dedicated time, and decided to dedicate their efforts, the assistance from the on line math tutor will be most effective.

Combining the best in teaching and technology, Growing Stars—one of the top online tutoring companies in the United States designed—gives students the edge they need in the digital environment they already know.

Online Tutoring Essentials Checklist


Hiring an online tutor can be an invaluable resource for any student who is struggling with academics. With the ability to tackle challenges in a range of subjects, from math to English to standardized tests, online tutors can help students boost their scores and their self esteem. If you’re thinking of hiring an online tutor for your child, you’re going want to make sure he has all of the essentials to bring to his first session (and beyond). This will make sure that online tutoring sessions are as effective and enjoyable as possible.

Computer With High-Speed Internet Connection, Microphone and Camera
In order to get face-to-face with an online tutor, students will need access to a computer that has internet capability, which will allow them to video chat with a tutor online. The computer should also have a microphone so a student can speak to tutors, as well as a camera so they can have a successful video session.

In order to focus completely, students should wear headphones plugged into the computer during an online tutoring session. Online tutoring works best when students keep their headphones on throughout the duration of the session, so they do not get distracted.

Homework Assignments and Class Materials
Children should come to all tutoring sessions equipped with any assignments they need help with or need guidance completing. This can include homework assignments or exercises they struggled with in class.

Necessary School Supplies
In order to take notes, do work and get the most out of his tutoring session, your child needs to bring all the necessary school supplies. This means pens, pencils, erasers, notebook paper, highlighters and anything else. If your child is doing math tutoring online, he should also bring all necessary math tools: calculators, protractors, compasses, etc.

List of Questions
As your child does his work throughout the week, have him keep a list of questions that he has about his assignments. That way, during an online tutoring session, your child can directly get at the things that are challenging him. If your child struggles with math, have him write down specific problems to go over with his online math tutor.

During tutoring sessions, children should not take any breaks. This ensures they get the most out of their experience. Thus, provide your child with drinking water so that he has plenty to sip on while he works.

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Increase Learning With Your Child’s Favorite Gadgets

The use of social media is on the rise, and approximately 90 percent of teenagers are active on one or more networking sites. Many conversations take place through instant message, and kids are far more likely to chat electronically than they are to pick up the phone. Face-to-face conversation may be their least favorite method of communication. Most students have access to some form of internet access, whether through laptops or mobile technology, making web-based communication an obvious choice for the next generation of learners.

Reduce the Pressure to Be Right
The best way to encourage learning is to meet students in their comfort zone, and online tutoring is an ideal solution. Expert educators connect with learners through a web-based application, helping them through complicated concepts in a focused, yet pressure-free electronic format. Unlike standard tutoring and classroom environments, students can relax behind the semi-anonymous screen, making them far more likely to overcome shyness and fear of embarrassment to ask their online tutor questions crucial for learning.

Maximize Today’s Technology
Online tutoring seems counterintuitive, and many parents worry that their students need visual models of math problems to grasp mathematical theory. Today’s technology is built to address this concern, giving the online math tutor access to virtual scratch pads and whiteboards they can use to partner with students to work through long calculations. New developments in voice over internet technology make conversations smooth and seamless, so students and tutors can talk through questions and concerns in the virtual environment.

Schedule-Friendly Online Tutoring Sessions
Students are under a lot of pressure to keep their grades up, and online tutoring services are easy to fit into busy schedules. Instead of delivering your child to the tutoring center or making sure you are home in time to greet a visitor, your student can participate in a web-based tutoring experience on an as-needed basis, whether before school, before bed or before a big exam.

Though many parents assume online tutoring is limited to reading and literacy, new technology makes it possible for students to enjoy online tutoring with the gadgets and communication methods that make them most comfortable.
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5 Benefits of Having an Online Math Tutor

Modern technology makes online tutoring highly effective. It does not replace traditional learning in the classroom, but aids students in supplemental education. As math is a subject that many students struggle with, they can greatly benefit from receiving math tutoring online. Here are some good reasons to have an online math tutor.

1. Convenience and Comfort
Math is a little less daunting subject when students are able to learn it within the comfort of their own familiar surroundings. With a live math tutor, students are able to ask questions which they may find hard to ask at school. This promotes confidence in mastering even the toughest of academic subjects.

2. Affordability and Flexibility

Online math tutoring is less costly than hiring a math teacher at home every day for classes. In addition, the online math tutor can also adapt to the family’s daily schedule. This means parents can ensure that students are online at their own computer with no distractions, such as listening to music.

3. Personalized Math Curriculum
Not all children learn or develop at an equal level. Thus, the math tutorial programs are designed to be tailor-made to a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on initial tests, sessions are adapted to target the specific needs of the child. Even students with ADHD or learning difficulties experience greater academic growth in an online learning environment.

4. Engaging Technology
Many children are already familiar with a smartphone or a tablet. They can play games or solve problems on these electronic devices with ease. Having an online math tutor combines the excitement of a virtual world with the reality of day-to-day calculations. With proper practice and coaching of the online math tutor, students can easily develop the math skills needed for their future career, as well as for everyday life.

5. Math Made Fun
With a program that captures students’ attention, they will come to see solving math problems as an enjoyable activity. Without the normal classroom pressures or anxiety, they are able to develop important thinking skills with ease.

Having the extra help from an online math tutor has many benefits. is a leading pioneer of innovative online learning. Avail of the one-on-one math tutorials for K-12 students, designed to accelerate a child’s learning.

Improving Math Grades With an Online Tutor

Elementary school-age children can get a lot out of online tutoring in math. In fact, a patient adult trained to explain difficult concepts is often just what they need. An online tutor can help your child learn how to best approach their math homework, as well as help them tackle core problems and concepts.

The Best Way to Do Math Is Quietly and Patiently
One of the first things a math tutor can help your child do is create an appropriate environment to complete math problems. The environment should be quiet and free of startling noises. It is not a good idea to have a radio, television set, computer or cell phone close by when doing math. If the home is noisy, you should maybe even consider buying your child some headphones. A math tutor will be able to assess the environment in which your child is working and help you remove any distractions.

An online tutor can also encourage your child to do problems carefully and slowly. When a tutor catches them rushing and making mistakes, they can help them slow down.

Write Out Formulas and Do Work Line by Line
Many children make mistakes in math because they write numbers too small and place them too close together. As a result, they do not perform operations such as addition and subtraction correctly. Instead, they misstate sums and final results. A math tutor will catch any issues that develop as a child writes, then show them how to use more space in order to avoid making mistakes.

A math tutor can also encourage your child to solve a problem line by line. Some children make mistakes because their writing is all over the page, making it hard to keep track of each of their steps. A math tutor will make sure your child moves from top to bottom so that they can see each step in the problem that they are solving.

Help Students Get Homework Done Early
A math tutor can also be an excellent way to get your child do their work right after school. This should be encouraged as much as possible, since this is when they will remember what they learned that day most clearly. They also won’t be that tired yet. If they wait to do their math homework closer to bedtime, then they’ll be more tired and much more likely to make mistakes. Even adults make simple addition and subtraction errors when it gets close to their bedtime.

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Personalized Online Tutoring Helps Mastering Complicated Subjects

The learning environment of today’s students is changing rapidly, due to the impact of technological advancements. However, the way the education system will adapt to these changes remains to be seen.

Tremendous technological progress has paved the way for the availability of an extensive range of educational resources. These innovations have highlighted the advantages of online tutoring , as technology has provided everyone access to information and education, regardless of location. Technology is now becoming a democratizing force in areas once reserved for the wealthy; as a result, services such as online learning and one-on-one tutoring are becoming more and more affordable.

Even good students are often not equally capable or engaged in each of their academic subjects. Online tutoring in an outsourced environment can provide useful and sometimes needed assistance in subjects in which students may be struggling.

The conventional classroom learning model may not address the unique needs of each student, due to the practical difficulties of managing 30-plus students at a time. A bright student may be able to grasp concepts without receiving personalized attention; but even the best students may find it hard to be focused on all academic topics. Under these circumstances, online tutoring can provide the accessibility, affordability, and flexibility necessary for all students to achieve their full academic potentials.

Companies such as Growing Stars, Inc., offer high-quality online tutoring solutions at an affordable price for students in the United States and rest of the world. Technology has produced a generation of young people accustomed to having a wide variety of choices in their lives. An online tutoring company can offer students personalized learning best suited to their individual needs.

Online Tutoring Offers One-on-One Learning Experience
Young people today are accustomed to finding out information on-line. Students who need personalized learning experiences may contact one of the top rated online tutoring companies and request a demo session. This process will help students to identify the right tutor for their specific learning and academic needs. Growing Stars assigns an Education Manager who handles the online tutoring program for each student in accordance with that student’s unique requirements.

Online tutoring opens door for personalized learning for those students who want to excel in studies and assignments. It offers the tools for unlimited learning, and the (scholarly) sky is the limit. With online tutoring, students can take control of their own academic destinies.